Sports photo

I have been doing sports photoreporting since 2014. I photograph various sports: beach volleyball, figure skating, cycling, basketball, triathlon, synchronized swimming, handball, obstacle course races, beach rugby, swimming, martial arts and others.

I shoot both adult and children's competitions of various levels. From fun starts to Euroleague.
I also photograph coaches and make training reports for your blog or website.

I was an athlete myself and this is my undeniable advantage when shooting sports and other events.


I combine art and sport in my work.

Made sports reports for Moscow Triathlon Federation, Moscow Capoeira Federation, Leto Beach Centre, tennis clubs, Russian Figure Skating Federation, Megasport sports complex, Komus, NLP "SportBeach", "VTB Insurance", "People's Race", "World Cup in Taekwondo", cycling team "Marathon Tula Team", "World Cup in Karate", "Alrosa Cup in Wrestling", Bear Race", "Beast Run", synchronised swimming school "Synchro Stars", etc.

There are times when you look through your family photo albums (which, by the way, you can order from me) and suddenly realise that they contain a small number of your photos :). That means it's time to sign up for a personalised shoot.

And here I am - your photographer Anastasia Epifanova, I invite you to a photo session.


Love's a thrill.
The eye lights up, the heart flutters - that's it, I'm in love!


A feeling that lifts you to heaven, a desire to touch, a thrill of the heart.
and a joy that you want to share
with the world.

While your relationship is at this stage, go for a photo shoot to capture this ocean of love.


A photo session in a studio, at home or in nature will help to capture the moments of childhood.
Let your child goof around during the photo shoot, play with him, let him be himself - and together we will create lively photos for the family archive!

After the photo shoot, I can make for you a beautiful family photo album.

Contact me - children's and family photographer Anastasia Epifanova.

Family shoot

Family is an important part of human life.
Tears of joy, worries about their children, support from loved ones, family traditions and many other things our families give us.

Do not forget to replenish your family albums, because it is so nice sometimes over a cup of tea on a cosy sofa to see in a photo that your eyes look like your grandmother's....


Contact me - children's and family photographer Anastasia Epifanova.